In just one hour, gain clarity and insight into your gymnasts’ routines!

In a one-hour session, you can…

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■ Get REAL-TIME judging advice

■ Find out for sure if your gymnasts are getting credit for their combinations

■ Show different combinations to figure out which ones look best

■ Perform routines for scores, feedback, or BOTH!

■ Help gymnasts gain confidence while performing in front of a judge

You might be wondering…

What qualifications do you have? Can you work with all levels?

I am a National rated judge, and I have been judging for over 20 years. I have experience judging at all levels, including compulsory, optional, and Xcel levels.

I have also spent time coaching at many different levels. I routinely attend training camps and clinics, and spend time working with gymnasts and coaches. I love helping gymnasts improve their skills and routines!

I’ve got a big team. Can my session be longer than an hour?

YES! Longer sessions are no problem – the session length can always be adjusted as needed.

I just have one or two gymnasts who need a consult. Is a 30 minute session available?

YES! A 30 minute session is an option if you don’t need much time.

We already went to a couple of meets, so I know how we will score. What good will a video consult do?

It’s one thing to get scores, or even a brief note of feedback from a judge. A video consult will give you detailed feedback about every aspect of a routine. It’s an opportunity to ask anything you’ve always wanted to ask – and never could!

SO…. If any of these apply to you:

  • You need help constructing a routine for your gymnast (or several of them!)
  • You’re feeling stuck, wondering how to improve your gymnasts’ routines
  • You wish you could figure out what deductions the judges are taking
  • Your team hasn’t gotten to compete as much as you’d like this year, and they need an in-house competition experience
  • You want to get scores and feedback safely, without the need to travel to a meet

If any of these things are true, a Video Judging Session is just the thing for you.

Take your gymnasts’ routines from “pretty good” to “spectacular”! Sign up for your Video Consult today!