Compulsory Gymnastics Articles

Welcome! This page contains information about each of the USAG compulsory levels. These articles have all been updated based on the new 2021-2029 compulsory routines. Below, you can find articles by level, or take a look at individual articles that you’re interested in.

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Updated Articles for 2021

All of these articles have been updated to reflect the 2021 compulsories:

Level 2 Vault

Level 3 Vault

Level 4/5 Vault

Level 2 Bars

Level 3 Bars

Level 4 Bars

Level 5 Bars

Level 2 Beam

Level 3 Beam

Level 4 Beam

Level 5 Beam

Level 2 Floor

Level 3 Floor

Level 4 Floor

Level 5 Floor

Other Compulsory Articles

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