What’s New in the Dev Program in 2023?

Every four years, USA Gymnastics makes changes to the rules for the Development Program (Dev Program). The most recent rules changes took place in 2022. (Click here to read about them.) However, each year, the committees meet and determine if smaller-scale changes need to be made to address issues that have been brought up. Those […]

Gymnastics Prime Day Deals 2023

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for… Prime Day! For those who don’t know, Prime Day is a day (actually two days) during the summer, during which Amazon offers deep discounts to its Prime members. In 2023, Prime Day is July 11-12. ***And in October, Amazon is holding Prime Big Deal Days on October 10-11!*** […]

Olympic Gymnastics Scoring: How it Works

If you’re watching Olympic gymnastics, you may be wondering how, exactly, the judges come up with the scores. What’s a 14.333? Is that good or bad? Read on, and you’ll learn how Olympic gymnastics scoring works. General In Olympic competitions, FIG (International Gymnastics Federation) rules are in effect. FIG rules call for the combination of […]

USA Gymnastics Updates May 2021

Each year, USA Gymnastics makes updates and clarifications to the rules for competitive gymnastics. These updates typically take place in May during the annual meetings. Here is an overview of the USA Gymnastics updates from May 2021. This post was written July 13, 2021 and updated to reflect July 9 changes on July 20, 2021. […]

2020 Friendship and Solidarity Meet

The 2020 Friendship and Solidarity Meet was held in Tokyo, Japan on November 8. This meet is significant in 2020, as it is the first international meet that has been held since the COVID-19 shutdowns. Of course, Tokyo is slated to host the rescheduled Olympic Games in summer 2021. This meet served as a warm-up […]

Book Review: “Chalked Up” by Jennifer Sey

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. WARNING: This article discusses sensitive topics, which may not be appropriate for all readers. Like many in the gymnastics community, I recently watched the “Athlete A” Netflix documentary, which featured Maggie Nichols and other USA National Team members. “Athlete A” […]