Going stir crazy because you aren’t in the gym? Social distancing can be tough on everyone, especially gymnasts who really want to practice. So what’s a gym family to do? Well, they need to find some fun ways to incorporate gymnastics at home! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

    1.  Conditioning

      Ok, maybe this isn’t the most fun idea, but your coaches will certainly appreciate it if you do some conditioning and flexibility work at home! There are plenty of ways to make conditioning fun though. Pi
      ck a few different conditioning exercises, then assign each one a number 1-6. Roll a dice, and do 25 of the exercise you rolled. Or time yourself to see how many you can do in 30 seconds or a minute. FaceTime a friend, and see who can hold a plank or a wall handstand the longest. Have fun with it and get stronger in the process!

    2.  Look for your favorite gym on YouTube

      Many gyms are publishing videos of workouts and drills that gymnasts can do at home. Look up your local gym, or try one of these workouts from Perfection Gymnastics or Cincinnati Gymnastics.

    3. Join a skill challenge

      Check out the Gymnastics HQ website for skill challenges, downloadable fun, and more!

    4. Try a new type of workout

      Cosmic Kids Yoga is a lot of fun. You can check out the different workouts offered through Sworkit. Create a ninja warrior course in your playroom or backyard (with your parents’ permission, of course!). Get creative and use the curb as a balance beam, the playset for bars or rings (bonus strength work if the trapeze bar swings!), or play leapfrog (vault) with your siblings. The sky is the limit!

    5. Teach your parents your floor routine

      Everyone will have a good laugh when you put on your floor music and try to teach your parents your choreography. Most likely, they will look really silly, but they will also appreciate how hard you work to get each part of your routine to look just so. It will be a good workout for your parents, even if it’s easy for you!

How have you kept yourself busy and still working out during the forced break from the gym?