Olympic Gymnastics 2021

If you’re a women’s gymnastics Olympics fan, you’re in the right place! Keep reading for all of the latest Olympic gymnastics news and updates! Olympic Gymnastics Schedule NBC Olympics 2021 Olympic Gymnastics Schedule and Livestream Links Olympics.com Official Schedule and Results Latest Olympic Gymnastics News Olympic Gymnastics Scoring: How it Works Olympics.com Artistic Gymnastics Home […]

Olympic Gymnastics Scoring: How it Works

If you’re watching Olympic gymnastics, you may be wondering how, exactly, the judges come up with the scores. What’s a 14.333? Is that good or bad? Read on, and you’ll learn how Olympic gymnastics scoring works. General In Olympic competitions, FIG (International Gymnastics Federation) rules are in effect. FIG rules call for the combination of […]

USA Gymnastics Updates May 2021

Each year, USA Gymnastics makes updates and clarifications to the rules for competitive gymnastics. These updates typically take place in May during the annual meetings. Here is an overview of the USA Gymnastics updates from May 2021. This post was written July 13, 2021 and updated to reflect July 9 changes on July 20, 2021. […]