It’s the day you’ve been waiting for… Prime Day!

For those who don’t know, Prime Day is a day (actually two days) during the summer, during which Amazon offers deep discounts to its Prime members.

In 2023, Prime Day is July 11-12.

If you aren’t a Prime member, you can join easily at checkout.

I’m going to publish all of the gymnastics-related discounts I find during the day(s). Keep checking back for updates!

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Air Tracks

Air tracks are a great piece of equipment if your gymnast wants to practice tumbling at home. They allow for gymnasts to work on one skill, or entire tumbling passes! Some people like to buy two and put them together, to make it easier to store and move the air tracks.

Now, let’s check out the Prime Day deals on air tracks.

Biggest Discount

The most heavily discounted air track this Prime Day is the AKSPORT air track. It comes in a wide range of sizes. It offers an 8″ thickness at one of its lengths, and the maximum length goes up to 30ft! If you’ve got lots of space, this is a great product.

Another air track with a big discount on Prime Day is the WeLandFun air track. It comes in lengths up to 26′, and it also offers multiple thicknesses to suit your preference. However – several sizes appear to be out of stock, so you’ll want to check back to see if they have restocked if you’re looking for one that is unavailable.

Least Expensive

The least expensive is the Tuxedo Sailor air track. It comes in 4″ and 6″ thicknesses. It has options for lengths of either 10′ or 13′. If you only have the space for a smaller air track, check it out! It gets great reviews on Amazon, and it comes in pink and blue.

Most Recommended

The name brand Air Track is actually on sale this Prime Day! It’s not discounted quite as heavily as some of the other brands, but it will hold up well, since it is a thick, sturdy mat.

It offers lengths from 10′-20′, in multiple colors, and it is 48″ wide, plus a full 36″ thick!

Gymnastics Mats

There are not many Prime Day deals for panel mats, but this is a sturdy one with a good discount. This panel mat by Balance From GoGym is foldable for easy storage. Its dimensions are 4’x10′, and it uses high density foam for extra protection. This is the perfect mat for stretching, conditioning, gymnastics basics, or it can be used underneath a beginner bar.

If you’re looking for a less expensive option, and you don’t mind a smaller mat, try the GoSports panel mat. It’s only 6’x2′, so it’s best for a younger or smaller gymnast. It’s also great for small spaces! It is foldable and stores easily.

Home Balance Beams

Here are some home balance beams that have Prime Day discounts. There are some good ones this time around!

This FBSport balance beam is foldable for easy storage. It comes in 8′ and 10′ lengths. The longer length is great because it will grow with your gymnast. The shorter length is perfect for small spaces.

Also by FBSport, this 8-foot-long beam is adjustable so it can be used as a low beam or a high beam (actually more like a medium-height beam). If your gymnast wants to practice skills on a beam of different heights, this is perfect for her!

I’m not sure if this Tumbl Trak Addie beam is on Prime Day sale or just a regular sale, but either way it is a great deal! This beam is very sturdy for home practice. Tumbl Trak is a reputable brand that has been around forever, and you can expect great quality from them! This is my top pick for a Prime Day deal on a balance beam this year.

Gymnastics Bars for Home

There are a LOT of bars on sale this Prime Day. Here are a few of the best, but let me know if you find a different deal that you love!

This Tepemccu practice bar is adjustable for gymnasts of different heights. It’s best for kids ages 8 and under. If you snag this bar, make sure to also grab a mat to go underneath it!

The FBSport brand gets good reviews for their gymnastics equipment in general, and their bar is no exception. It comes in several colors, which all have different price points. The height is adjustable from 36″ to 51.9″. The weight limit is 140 lbs. It is foldable and easy to store. This is a sturdy bar that is great for a young gymnast!

If you’re looking for a bar that will last a little longer, this Shiwei bar has a weight limit of 330 lbs. It raises from a height of 3′ to 5′. It’s an incredible deal this Prime Day, and in some areas it may also have a clickable coupon! Once again, don’t forget to add a mat underneath it for safety.

Gymnastics Gear

This duffle bag isn’t specific to gymnastics, but it’s a nice size and has several compartments for those gymnasts who like to keep certain items separate.

I love the criss cross back on this leotard! Grab this exact one – or one of the many other prints!

I might need to grab this one for my daughter! Gymnastics coach Barbie and her gymnast, complete with beam and mat.

Great little stocking stuffer! These gymnastics stickers are perfect for your gymnast to decorate her water bottle, laptop, or anything else!

This gymnastics pillow is sure to be a hit! Finish off the decor in your gymnast’s room by adding this personal touch.

If your gymnast likes to accessorize, she’ll love this gymnastics bracelet, complete with inspirational quote!

Who needs a gymnastics mom t-shirt? This one’s a great deal on Prime Day!

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