The Ideal Composition for a Level 10 Bar Routine

Level 10 bars… this is some of the greatest stuff out there. There’s nothing else I’d rather be judging (or even just watching!). It’s funny because I never loved bars as a gymnast. I was tall, it was hard, and I much preferred to flip on floor or vault. But now, I love the intricacy […]

Breaking Down Level 2 Floor 2022

This post has been updated to reflect the 2021-2029 compulsory routine changes. Level 2 floor = hearing that same music over and over again. It can be monotonous and boring. But it doesn’t have to be! Level 2 floor is also a place where new competitive gymnasts can show some personality as they learn to […]

2020 Friendship and Solidarity Meet

The 2020 Friendship and Solidarity Meet was held in Tokyo, Japan on November 8. This meet is significant in 2020, as it is the first international meet that has been held since the COVID-19 shutdowns. Of course, Tokyo is slated to host the rescheduled Olympic Games in summer 2021. This meet served as a warm-up […]

The Ideal Composition for a Level 9 Bar Routine

Bar routines start to get a lot more complicated once you get to Level 9! There are more requirements, more choices, bonus connections… it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin! If you’re trying to decide how to construct your Level 9 bar routine, keep reading. Here’s a breakdown of all the components a great routine […]