Every four years, USA Gymnastics makes changes to the rules for the Development Program (Dev Program). The most recent rules changes took place in 2022. (Click here to read about them.)

However, each year, the committees meet and determine if smaller-scale changes need to be made to address issues that have been brought up.

Those meetings were completed in May 2023, and here are the changes, effective for the 2023-24 season. Click here to see the full meeting minutes on the USA Gymnastics website.

General Changes 2023

These changes are organized by categories so you can easily find what you need.

Changes to Rules and Policies

Coaches and judges may not wear earbuds on the competition floor. Gymnasts may wear them on the floor, but not while they are competing.

Shorts may be worn either OVER or UNDER the leotard now. The shorts must still be black, above the knee, and with only a small logo, if any.

Chalk or water may not be added to the bars after the routine has started.

Meet Directors must use a “bye” at State Meets and above, if there are 5 or less athletes per squad.

Athletes are not required to designate as Individual Event Specialists (IES) prior to State meets for Level 9&10.

Matting Updates

Additional warmup and spotting equipment MAY be brought to a USA Gymnastics sanctioned meet. However, pit pillows and skill cushions may NOT be brought in. Any equipment that is brought in must be manufactured by a recognized equipment manufacturer, and it does NOT have to stay at a specific event.

New guidance on pit pillows at meets:

  • ALLOWED at Level 8-10 meets for warmups ONLY
  • ALLOWED as a competition landing surface for Level 7 vault landings
  • REQUIRED to be provided at State Meet and above for Level 7 vault landings
  • No clarifications were provided for Level 6 vault, so it is implied that Level 6 vaults will not be allowed to use the pit pillow.

“Junior boards” are no longer allowed at competitions. Levels 1-3 are still permitted to use the alternative (mini-tramp) board for vault.

Chalk is allowed on the vault hand placement mat, but tape is NOT allowed.

Vault requirements for landing over pit surfaces will be transferred to bars and beam dismounts as well. Landing surfaces over loose-foam pits must be covered by a stable surface. Bars/beam dismount areas into a resi pit may be allowed if the landing surface is deemed firm by the Meet Referee.


Level 4 gymnasts may move directly to Level 6 if they have achieved TWO all-around scores of 36.00 or higher.


Individual Event Specialists may petition to Regionals with a score that is 0.025 higher than the qualifying score.

Judges Updates

If you’re a judge, you can no longer earn all of your CPE clinic credits from virtual clinics. Only 1/2 of the clinic hours can come from virtual clinics, and the other 1/2 must come from in-person clinics.

At State Meet and above, the Meet Referee may allow the judges to review a routine to ensure the Special Requirements are met and no restricted elements are performed.

Clarifications on Inquiries and Video Reviews

At competitions, a check box will be added to the inquiry form to indicate that the coach is requesting a video review. Video reviews are allowable if the judges may have missed an element that affects the Start Value. Video reviews are NOT allowed to review angles, degrees of split or turn, or direct connections of skills.

A Meet Referee can watch a video prior to an inquiry submission to determine if the inquiry should move forward.

Clarification for State and Regionals qualification: An inquiry can be submitted to raise the score of the lowest event up to 0.10 for qualification purposes. This does NOT apply to Individual Event Specialists, and it does NOT apply to qualification to Nationals or Easterns/Westerns.

Changes to Deductions on ALL Events

The following apply to all vaults, UB/BB dismounts, and BB/FX acro skills.

  • Wording has been updated for the “squat on landing” deduction of up to 0.30: a squat on landing describes a squat in which the hips are lower than the knees.
  • Deduction for “Lands in squat position, then falls” = Up to 0.30 +0.50.
  • NEW deduction: Medium step on landing = 0.15.

Vault Changes 2023

NEW Vaults in the Code:

Vault Name & NumberLevel 8Level 9Level 10
1.109 Front Handspring onto board-Handspring off9.18.68.2
1.110 Front Handspring onto board-Handspring ½ off9.28.78.3
1.209 Front Handspring onto board- Handspring 1/1 turn off9.69.18.9
1.111 Front Handspring onto board- 1/2 turn on – repulsion off9.17.17.1
1.211. Front Handspring onto board- 1/2 turn on – 1/2 turn off9.38.78.3
1.311 Front Handspring onto board- 1/2 turn on – 1/1 turn off9.59.08.8
5.108 RO-FF 1/1 turn on – repulsion offN/A8.28.2

Levels 6-10 Vault numbers must be VISUALLY displayed at any sanctioned competition utilizing a 4-judge panel. Vault name OR number may be spoken to judges at all other competitions.

The deduction for “prescribed LA turn begun too early” will be reduced to Up to 0.30.

The deduction for “under-rotation of salto vaults” will be changed from a flat 0.10 to an Up to 0.10.

Bars Changes 2023

Levels 1-5: There is NO deduction for coach standing between the bars throughout the routine.

Level 5 Bars will have 2 dismount options:

  • Flyaway: tuck, pike, or stretched = 10.0 Start Value
  • Swing 1/2 turn dismount (same as Level 4) = 9.50 Start Value

NEW Bars skill: #2.205. Element description: “From cast in regular grip on HB, swing down with grip change to cross grip and ½ turn in range of hang position and swing backward in straddle or pike with flight over LB to hang”. For Levels 7&8, there would be NO cast angle deduction if a cast is performed prior to this skill.

NEW Bars skill: #8.207b. Element description: “From HB – swing down between bars in regular grip, with grip change to cross grip and 1/2 turn in range of hang position and swing backward-upward to salto forward, tucked, piked, or stretched with 1/2 twist, also from a counterswing”.

Value changes:

  • #8.307 Front salto with 2/1 twist dismount: raised from “C” to “D” (now #8.407).
  • #8.407 Front salto with 2 1/2 twist dismount: raised from “D” to “E” (now #8.507).

Additional examples will be added to the Code of Points with a chart for values of skills with turns on the same side of the bar (short side 1/2 turns).

Beam Changes 2023

Add to description of Beam mount #1.210 (press handstand) “or from cross handstand to front walkover exit”. This skill will count as a forward acro mount.

NEW Beam skill: Add to #1.204 (B): “From rear stand (back toward beam), jump to clear straddle flight over the Beam to land in front support”.

NEW Beam skill: #2.501 (E): “Jump with change of legs (minimum of 30° leg separation) and ¼ (90°) turn to straddle-pike or side-split in side position (180° leg separation) with additional ¼ (90°) turn to finish in cross position”.

Acro mounts will be noted in the Code of Points. Any mount listed as an Acro mount will count as an Acro skill for composition purposes.

Clarification: In Levels 6-10, walkovers are required to show 180° split at one point during the skill.

Floor Changes 2023

Levels 1-5: A tuck OR pike entrance is now allowable into the backward rolls in these levels. The 0.30 deduction for hands placed on the floor during the “sit” phase of the roll still applies.

Element #7.101 (Side salto/side somi): With a takeoff from one leg, it will NOT be considered a salto for Special Requirement or Composition purposes.

Levels 6-10: All forward and backward rolls will receive “A” credit, regardless of ending position.

Level 6-10 Value Changes:

  • Add to #2.301
  • #1.214b Hop 1/1 turn with free leg above horizontal – takeoff from one leg: Raised from “B” to “C” (Now #1.314)
  • #1.314 Hop 1 1/2 turn with free leg above horizontal – takeoff from one leg: Raised from “C” to “D” (Now #1.414)
  • #1.414 Hop 2/1 turn with free leg above horizontal – takeoff from one leg: Raised from “D” to “E” (Now #1.514)

Level 7 Special Requirements 1&2 (Acro passes): A deduction of 0.50 is applied for any of the four specifications that are missing, up to a maximum of 1.00. The specifications are:

  • Minimum of 2 acro passes
  • Pass with backward salto, minimum of 2 elements
  • Pass with forward salto, minimum of 1 element
  • Layout salto to 2 feet, without twist (can be forward or backward)

Level 8-10 Special Requirements: If the last salto does not receive VP credit, the 0.30 No Dismount deduction will NOT be applied.

Floor Composition Chart: Remove language “Non-salto Acro Flight” from Level 8 Floor Chart for “Value of Salto Performed as Last Isolated Salto or Within Last Acro Connection Not Up to the Competitive Level”.

Levels 6-10: The deduction for “coach on the floor” will be changed to 0.30.

Clarification: In Levels 6-10, walkovers are required to show 180° split at one point during the skill.


USA Gymnastics Minutes, May 2023.