The Ideal Composition for a Level 10 Bar Routine

This article has been updated to reflect the 2022-2026 DP Code of Points. Level 10 bars… this is some of the greatest stuff out there. There’s nothing else I’d rather be judging (or even just watching!). It’s funny because I never loved bars as a gymnast. I was tall, it was hard, and I much […]

Xcel Floor: How to Score Big

This is the final article in the Xcel series. I’m excited to talk about floor, one of my favorite events, and to share the most recent updates. If you’ve read the vault, bars, and beam articles, you know that each division has its own set of requirements and difficulty restrictions. Of course, these requirements build […]

Xcel Bars: Platinum and Diamond

What’s the best way to get my Xcel Platinum bars score up? How about Xcel Diamond? There are many more considerations in these divisions, compared with Bronze, Silver, and Gold. And of course, there are intricacies specific to each division. Between general form work and a knowledge of these specific rules, you’ll see improvements in […]