Black Friday Gymnastics Deals

It’s Black Friday shopping time! What are you looking for this year? If you’re looking for gifts for gymnasts, at a discount, you’re in the right place.

Here, I’m going to publish all of the gymnastics-related discounts I find during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Keep checking back for updates!

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Air Tracks

Air tracks are a great piece of equipment if your gymnast wants to practice tumbling at home. They allow for gymnasts to work on one skill, or entire tumbling passes! Some people like to buy two and put them together, to make it easier to store and move the air tracks.

Now, let’s check out the Black Friday deals on air tracks.

Biggest Discount

The most heavily discounted air track this Black Friday is the ALIFUN air track. It comes in a 4″ or 8″ thickness, and lengths ranging from 10′ to 20′. With some sizes around $100, it’s an incredible deal!

The Funwater air track offers discounts close to the Tuxedo Sailor. It also comes in 4″ and 6″ thicknesses, and 10′-20′ lengths, along with blue and pink colors. However – the Black Friday deal seems to apply to only the 13′ lengths, so double check your product before purchasing!.

Least Expensive

The least expensive Black Friday air track deal is the DAIRTRACK. It’s also approximately 4″ thick. It comes in four lengths, which range from 10′ to 20′. If you only have the space for a smaller air track, check it out! It gets great reviews on Amazon, and it comes in four different colors, although they don’t all appear to be discounted.

Most Recommended

The Air Track brand hardly ever goes on sale, so make sure to grab this deal while it’s available! They’ve got deals available on all sizes and colors, so you can customize it to your gymnast’s needs and to your space. If you get a shorter length, you may want to grab two so your gymnast can work on longer tumbling passes.

The most recommended (non-Air Track brand) air track is the FBSport air track. It’s even discounted right now! It’s a brand that holds up well, and they have great customer service if something goes wrong.

It offers a longer length option (up to 26′), along with an 8″ thickness if you’re looking for a thicker mat.

Gymnastics Mats

I couldn’t find any Black Friday deals for panel mats this time! Here’s a great option anyways, if you need a basic tumbling mat. This panel mat by FBSport is foldable for easy storage. Its dimensions are 4’x10′, and it comes in a variety of colors. This is the perfect mat for stretching, conditioning, gymnastics basics, or it can be used underneath a beginner bar.

Home Balance Beams

Here are some home balance beams that have Black Friday discounts.

This Tumbl Trak beam is a great product AND it’s got an incredible sale going on! Tumbl Trak is a very reputable brand that has been around forever – even when I was a gymnast! If you’re looking for a real suede balance beam for home, this Addie beam is a great option.

This FBSport balance beam is foldable for easy storage. This beam is 8′ long and is perfect for small spaces. It comes in multiple colors so you can choose your gymnast’s favorite!

The AirBeam (also known as a laser beam) is fantastic for practicing skills on a wider, more forgiving surface. It’s an inflatable beam that inflates and deflates quickly, so it doesn’t need to stay set up in your house. It is 10′ in length, and a foot wide with a thick center line. These are not always on sale, so this is a great deal!

Gymnastics Bars for Home

This Z Athletic kip bar is adjustable for gymnasts of different heights. An extension kit can also be purchased to further extend the life of the bar. If you snag this bar, make sure to also grab a mat to go underneath it!

If you’re looking for another option for a bar that will last a while, this Shiwei bar has a weight limit of 330 lbs. It raises to a height of 5′. It’s a great value for the price! Once again, don’t forget to add a mat underneath it for safety.

This bar by Tepemccu is expandable and also foldable to fit into a small space. This bar is for younger children, with a weight limit of 140 lbs. If you have a very young or small child, or a smaller space to fit it into, this one would work, but otherwise I’d recommend getting one that will last longer.

Gymnastics Gear

Snag this cute gymnastics bag on a Black Friday deal! It comes in multiple different patterns, some of which are gymnastics-related and some which are not. Great for the gym, sleepovers, and road trips!

This duffle bag isn’t specific to gymnastics, but it’s a nice size and has several compartments for those gymnasts who like to keep certain items separate. It’s not on a Black Friday sale, but it does have a clickable coupon!

If your gymnast is into sparkly practice shorts, she’ll love these ones!

Does your gymnast have a lot of medals, but needs a place to organize them? This medal holder is the perfect gift!

This one’s for anyone buying gifts for the team! This cute assortment features small bags, hair ties, and bracelets.

This gymnastics blanket is sure to be a hit! Finish off the decor in your gymnast’s room by adding this personal touch, plus it can keep her warm in those drafty competition gyms!

If your gymnast likes to accessorize, she’ll love this gymnastics bracelet.

The perfect stocking stuffer! Stickers for your gymnast’s water bottle, notebook, or anywhere!

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