Xcel Floor: How to Score Big

This article has been updated to reflect the changes in the 2022-26 Xcel Code of Points. This is the final article in the Xcel series. I’m excited to talk about floor, one of my favorite events, and to share the most recent updates. If you’ve read the vault, bars, and beam articles, you know that […]

Breaking Down the Level 5 Floor Routine 2023

This post has been updated to reflect the 2021-2029 compulsory routine changes, and was updated again in July 2023. The final compulsory floor routine is the Level 5 floor routine. This routine is full of progressions from the Level 4 routine, and helps gymnasts learn the skills necessary to become a successful optional gymnast. It’s […]

Making Sense of Composition – Level 10 Floor

This article has been updated to reflect the changes in the 2022-2026 DP Code of Points. Have you ever watched a floor routine that looked amazing, but then it scored low? I know I have! Especially before I started judging, it just didn’t make sense! What was the problem? Composition deductions!  But what exactly does […]

Home Gymnastics Equipment You Need to Have

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Stuck at home and can’t go to the gym? Want to supplement your practices with some gymnastics homework? Love gymnastics and just can’t get enough? If this describes you, you might be thinking about purchasing some home gymnastics equipment. I […]