Level 6

Welcome to the Level 6 page! Here you’ll find information for all events and bonus articles to make those Level 6 routines the best they can be!

Event-Specific Articles

level 6 vault

This article will give you all the latest information about Level 6 vault, including discussion of each of the allowable vaults and how to perform them.

Level 6 Bar Routine Recommendations

***UPDATED FOR 2022-2026***

What does a Level 6 gymnast need to include in her bar routine? This article will show you all the requirements and tips and tricks!

Level 6 Beam Routine Recommendations

***UPDATED FOR 2022-2026***

Check out this article to read all about what to include in a Level 6 beam routine, and how to make it pop!

level 6 floor

***UPDATED FOR 2022-2026***

Level 6 floor routines are fun to watch and to do – check out this article to make sure that yours meets all of the requirements too!

what's your bar angle

Want more information about bar angles? What’s Your Bar Angle reviews all of the angle deductions that can be taken on bars.

Level 6 beam walkover

Is this beam series connected? This article demonstrates the different types of broken connections on beam. Are you guilty of any of these?

General Information for Level 6 Gymnasts

Optional General Deductions

After assessing the technique of the major skills, what else do judges look for in a routine? General deductions are used to measure the routine as a whole, and to separate the good from the great.

How to develop artistry in gymnastics

If you’re looking to spice up your beam or floor routine, you’ll want to read this article about how to perform your routines with exceptional artistry.

Does your gymnast need a pair of grips? Read The Ultimate Guide to Gymnastics Grips to determine which pair is right for her!

the essential guide to a great vault run

If you’re struggling with vault, chances are that your run could use some work! Read on for some tips on improving your vault run.

Equipment and Gifts for Your Gymnast

Best gifts for gymnasts

Perfect for birthday, holidays, or anytime! This gift list for gymnasts is continually updated to bring you the best gifts for your gymnast. There’s even a section for coaches’ gifts!

Gymnasts doing splits, bars, handstands at home

Does your gymnast want some equipment for home practice? This article has an overview of several types of gymnastics equipment for home use. If there’s a specific type of equipment she’s interested in, take a look at the articles below which address more specifics.

gymnastics mats for home

If your gymnast needs a mat for all of the handstands and cartwheels she does around the house, look no further! This article describes the different types of home gymnastics mats and helps you select the right one for your space.

the best gymnastics beams for home

If you’ve got a gymnast constantly practicing her skills on the curb or the back of the couch (IYKYK), you’ll want to read up on some balance beams for home. This article will help you select the perfect one for your gymnast.

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